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Free Online Compliance Training

Powered by FIS - An Exclusive Benefit for IBA Member Banks and Thrifts
All of your employees can enroll in free online course work to stay informed of those always changing laws and regulations! IBA member banks and savings banks that enroll in this complimentary training have access to nearly 100 interactive courses in key regulatory areas. Your inhouse program administrator has the ability to enroll employees, assign customized course programs, and run sophisticated management reports to monitor each employee’s progress, while enabling your organization to determine additional training needs.

By participating in this program, you can demonstrate to examiners that your organization has a thorough and ongoing company-wide training program! Regulatory University is the only online training solution that ALL industry regulators use today. Most recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has taken up training their examiners and consumer response team through Regulatory University!

Getting Started

To enroll your organization, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your organization is an IBA member financial institution.
  2. Choose a "Primary Administrator" to begin the enrollment process. Once enrolled, you will be contacted to arrange an online orientation.

Primary Administrator Role

  • Registers the financial institution as a participant
  • Completes and signs the License Agreement
  • Authorizes other Administrators within the institution
  • Receives special training to assist other users (all Administrators)
  • Oversees and prints management reports (all Administrators)

Get Started Today!

To learn more, please connect with the IBA at 217-789-9340.