Illinois Bankers Association

IBA Financial Literacy Award Nomination

Tell us about all literacy outreach conducted in the previous year. Nominations are due by the first Friday in February.

Sample activities you may want to share with us.

  1. Time spent planning your financial literacy activities. We know these things don’t just “happen,” so please tell us how many staff people/hours are involved in putting your programs together.
  2. Financial literacy presentations at local schools (EverFi program, Teach Children to Save Day presentations, Junior Achievement sessions, etc.). Please include everything - grade schools, high schools and local colleges.
  3. Classroom visits/instruction conducted on a regular basis, either through teaching a course or by participation in Junior Achievement and other groups that require multiple visits to the same class.
  4. Financial literacy presentations and bank tours to any group other than those performed in a school (see #2 above). This includes presentations to children, teens, adults and seniors; through Scouts or other clubs, community centers and senior centers; a job shadowing day; legislators; workshops on consumer education topics such as home buying or financial planning; and more.
  5. In-school banking programs at any elementary, middle or high school. Must be open to students on a regular basis.
  6. Bank clubs to encourage saving and good money management skills, including children’s savings clubs and senior clubs.
  7. Media outreach related to financial literacy.
  8. Other involvement related to financial/life skills education, such as sponsoring any product within the EverFi program or other financial literacy program; sponsoring a teacher for the National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy; participation in America’s Promise, serving on the board of directors of a financial-education-related group; or special educational projects.

Documentation of your efforts should include the following types of information for each program: Program Summary, Locations Visited, # Presentations, # Bankers Participating, # People Reached

Don’t forget to include copies of press releases or published stories about your efforts!


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