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ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking Scholarship

The Wharton School is world-renowned for its academic strengths. As a partner with Stonier, this world-class institution delivers outstanding leadership courses that will help participants not just survive, but thrive, in a world of change and uncertainty. The courses are seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Stonier program and graduates will receive both a Stonier Diploma and a Wharton Leadership Certificate.

Deadline to Submit: February 28

Value: The recipient receives a one third discount off the tuition per year (first-year students only).

Qualifying Criteria

  • A minimum of five years of financial services experience
  • Acquired knowledge in at least three of the following areas:
    • financial statement analysis
    • bank operations
    • credit administration
    • accounting and economics
  • Must be an officer employed by an IBA and/or American Bankers Association member bank or bank holding company
  • A letter of recommendation from an executive officer of a taxable financial institution, its holding companies or affiliates.

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Explain how you acquired knowledge in at least three of the following areas: Financial Statement Analysis, Bank Operations, Credit Administration, Accounting and Economics
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For more information, connect with the IBA at 800-878-2265.