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Tour the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. In honor of our 125th Anniversary in 2016, and in honor of all Illinois banks, we have secured sponsorship, in perpetuity, of a collection of 14 Illinois pre-Civil War Bank Notes in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum's archives.

Donors (to date)


MB Financial Bank
Midland States Bank
The Northern Trust
Michael and Laura Steelman


Larry Beaty
Tomorrow's Future Today Scholarship


American Community Bank & Trust
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust
Forest Bank Park National Bank and Trust Co.
LincolnWay Community Bank
State Bank of Bement
Town and Country Bank
Linda and Bernie Koch
Charles (Chuck) and Joy Waterman


Bradford National Bank Tom and Beth Chamberlain
Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest
Mary and Greg Curl
First National Bank of Steeleville Susan Dubs
Grundy Bank Scott and Shawn Grigsby
 Home State Bank, N.A. Debbie and Bob Jemison
 Lisle Savings Bank Pam and Kevin Macha
 Raritan State Bank Callan, Jessica, Hagen and Lillian Stapleton
 Security Savings Bank  Bruce Taylor
 The State Bank Group  Robert R. Wallace

Fun Facts

  • Nov. 5, 1891 - 62 bankers gathered to organize the association - three of those original member banks are still in existence under their original charters and names and still very active and proud members of the IBA: First National Bank in Beardstown and First National Bank in Litchfield.
  • A huge shout out to the IBA's very first chairman, Thomas S. Ridgway. He and his partner founded the First National Bank of Shawneetown in 1865, and he became president of the bank in 1879. In 1874, he received the Republican nomination and was elected Illinois State Treasurer. After just the first decade, membership in the IBA had reached 866, making it the largest state banking association in the United States. 
  • IBA's ceremonial chairman's pin was presented to the Illinois Bankers Association by then Chairman W. P. Halliday in 1895! Now more than 120 years old, it is passed on to each incoming IBA Chairman at the Annual Conference. 
  • Way back in 1911, IBA's President was Benjamin Franklin Harris II -- "BF" to his friends. BF is credited with saving rural banking from becoming largely federalized, and America enjoys a competitive and robust rural banking system today thanks to his efforts. He was responsible for assuring a future for the agricultural banking industry by defending his industry, by appealing to the banking industry to fight for its future and inspiring thousands of bankers to get involved in what he called the "Banker-Farmer Movement."

Past Chairmen & Financial Institutions Established in the Year 1891

Past Chairmen

 Year Name  City 
2021  Michelle Gross  Bement
2020  C. Brant Ahrens Chicago
2019 Kevin Olson  Grundy 
2018 Dan Daly    Moline 
2017  Dan Watts     Forest Park 
2016  Micah R. Bartlett    Springfield 
2015  Darrell B. Jackson    Naperville 
2014  Kevin J. Rogers   Philo 
2013  Charie A. Zanck    Woodstock 
2012  Marty Davis   Pinckneyville 
2011  James Roolf    Joliet 
2010  R. Kent Redfern    Litchfield 
2009  Thomas W. Hough   Carrollton 
2008  Michael Steelman    Bushnell 
2007  P. David Kuhl    Champaign 
2006  Quentin Johnson   Chicago 
2005  Bruce W. Taylor   Rosemont 
2004  Hunt Bonan    McLeansboro 
2003  Thomas Bugielski   Worth 
2002  Gary Hemmer   Waterloo 
2001  Jack Hutchinson    Watseka 
2000  Mark Hoppe   Chicago 
1999  Finis Schultz    Jerseyville 
1998  Susan Dubs   Richmond 
1997  John Timmer   Chicago 
1996  Arthur Wilkinson   Bement 
1995  Robert Stevenson, Jr.   Peoria 
1994  Robert Wallace   Champaign 
1993  William Badgley   Belleville 
1992  R. Scott Grigsby   Streator 
1991  Joseph D'Agostino   Glen Ellyn 
1990  Wilbur Meadows   Canton 
1989  Richard Ostrom   Chicago 
1988  David Webber    Roselle 
1987  Jack Emmons   Mt. Carmel  
1986  Charles Waterman    South Holland 
1985  G. Thomas Andes    Belleville 
1984  James Forster   DeKalb 
1983  Charles Wilson   Rock Island 
1982  Donald Lovett    Dixon 
1981  James Fitch   Chicago 
1980  Jack Lemmerman   Monmouth 
1979  Gavin Weir    Chicago 
1978  B. F. Backlund    Peoria 
1977  John R. Montgomery III    Chicago 
1976  Ray Livasy    Decatur 
1975  Arthur Busboom    Rantoul 
1974  William Kurtz    Chicago 
1973  James Ghiglieri   Toluca 
1972  John McKnight   Oak Park 
1971  Lewis Clausen   Champaign 
1970  Fred Heitmann, Jr.   Chicago 
1969  Myron Heins   Pontiac 
1968  Allen Stults    Chicago 
1967  Harold Bacon    Crystal Lake 
1966  Dirk Groen    Pekin 
1965  J. Marvin Powers   Mt. Vernon 
1964  John McCarthy   Chicago 
1963  Harold Fischer   Granite City  
1962  J. Ross Humphreys   Chicago 
1961  Jacob Myers   Bloomington 
1960  Donald Carlson   Elmhurst 
1959  Kenneth Cook    DuQuoin 
1958  Howard Sammon   Forest Park 
1957  Wilfred Heitmann    Chicago 
1956  T. Earl McNamara    Streator 
1955  L. Ralph Stevens    Canton 
1954  Henry Karandjeff   Granite City 
1953  Horace French   Chicago 
1952  Melvin Lockard    Cobden 
1951  Ben Ryan   East Moline 
1950  Joseph Frey   Chicago 
1949  Philip Speidel    Lake Forest 
1948  Harry Emerson   Cairo 
1947  George Williams    Evanston 
1946  Barney Ghiglieri   Toluca 
1945  Floyd Condit   Beardstown 
1944  Floyd Condit   Beardstown 
1943  George Boyles   Chicago 
1942  Henry Bengel  Springfield 
1941  Earl Adams   Jerseyville 
1940  Charles Reardon   Joliet  
1939  John Anton   Chicago 
1938  F. A. Gerding    Ottawa 
1937  J. F. Schmidt   Waterloo 
1936  Frank Rathje   Chicago 
1935  S. Nirdlinger    Galesburg 
1934  H. A. Brinkman   Chicago 
1933  J. E. Mitchell   Carbondale 
1932  Paul Zimmerman    Oak Park 
1931  Paul Abt East   St. Louis 
1930  W. R. McGaughey    Decatur 
1929  Lyon Karr   Wenona 
1928  Omar Wright    Belvidere 
1927  J. M. Appel   Highland Park 
1926  W. B. Crawford   West Frankfort 
1925  C. W. Boyden   Sheffield 
1924  Wayne Hummer    LaSalle 
1923  M.A. Traylor   Chicago 
1922  Wirt Wright   National City 
1921  John Cathcart   Sidell  
1920  William White    Peoria 
1919  Leroy Goddard Chicago 
1918  Charles Ireland    Washburn 
1917  Robert Ward   Benton 
1916  Walter Rearick   Ashland 
1915  George Woodruff    Joliet 
1914  J. S. Aisthorpe   Cairo 
1913  S. B. Montgomery   Quincy 
1912  J.D. Phillips Green Valley 
1911  B.F. Harris   Champaign 
1910  E. E. Crabtree    Jacksonville 
1909  Oscar Foreman   Chicago 
1908  James McKinney   Oquawka 
1907  August Blum   Chicago 
1906  Nelson Green   Tallula 
1905  Thomas Catlin   Ottawa 
1904  E. D. Durham   Onarga 
1903  William George    Aurora 
1902  Andrew Russell    Jacksonville 
1901  Homer McCoy   Peoria 
1900  Phil Mitchell    Rock Island 
1899  H. H. Harris   Champaign 
1898  John Hamilton    Hoopeston 
1897  W. T. Fenton   Chicago 
1896  Frank Elliott   Jacksonville 
1895  W. P. Halliday   Cairo 
1894  E. S. Dreyer   Chicago 
1893  Frank Tracy   Springfield 
1892  John Odell  Chicago  
1891  Thomas Ridgway   Shawneetown 

Banks Established in the Year 1891


Company Name  City  Date Established 
First National Bank Litchfield Litchfield 1/1/1860 
Port Byron State Bank Port Byron  9/1/1863 
Farmers State Bank  Elmwood  12/6/1864 
First National Bank of Lacon  Lacon  4/11/1864 
Grundy Bank  Morris  6/3/1864 
Hill-Dodge Banking Co.  Warsaw  12/3/1864 
First Illinois Bank  East Saint Louis  1/1/1865 
First Mid-Illinois Bk & Tr NA  Mattoon  2/8/1865 
First National Bank  Vandalia  5/26/1865 
First National Bank of Ottawa  Ottawa  6/1/1865 
Harvard State Bank  Harvard  8/6/1866 
Bradford NB of Greenville  Greenville  1/1/1867 
Lena State Bank  Lena  5/12/1867 
National B&TC of Sycamore  Sycamore  1/29/1867 
Bank of Edwardsville  Edwardsville  1/1/1868 
Farmers & Mechanics Bank  Galesburg  3/31/1869 
National Bank  Hillsboro  1/1/1869 
First Midwest Bank  Itasca  10/27/1870 
Midwest Bank of Western IL  Monmouth  9/9/1870 
Petefish Skiles & Co.  Virginia  8/1/1870 
Bank of Yates City  Yates City  12/25/1871 
Old Second National Bank  Aurora  11/21/1871 
Ottawa SB (MHC)  Ottawa  8/23/1871 
Farmers Bank of Mt. Pulaski  Mount Pulaski  10/25/1872 
First National B&TC  Clinton  1/20/1872 
Edgar County B&TC Paris IL Paris  3/23/1873 
Premier Bank of Jacksonville  Jacksonville  12/25/1873 
Arcola First Bank  Arcola  11/9/1874 
Centrue Bank  Streator  8/24/1874 
Murphy-Wall State B&TC  Pinckneyville  11/1/1874 
First Farmers State Bank  Minier  1/1/1875 
Havana National Bank  Havana  3/30/1875 
Peoples State Bk of Newton IL  Newton  1/1/1875 
Anderson State Bank  Oneida  1/1/1876 
Carrollton Bank  Carrollton  1/1/1877 
Warren-Boynton State Bank  New Berlin  8/29/1877 
Exchange State Bank  Lanark  4/2/1878 
First National Bank in Carlyle  Carlyle  1/1/1878 
Beardstown Savings s.b.  Beardstown  1/1/1880 
Casey State Bank  Casey  12/30/1880 
Citizens State Bank  Lena  1/1/1880 
First SB  Danville  1/1/1880 
Franklin Grove Bank  Franklin Grove   12/25/1880 
Hometown National Bank  LaSalle  12/16/1880 
Midland States Bank  Effingham  1/1/1881 
Nokomis SB  Nokomis  5/6/1881 
BMO Harris Bank NA  Chicago  5/1/1882 
Ctzns Frst State Bk of Walnut  Walnut   1/1/1882 
First FS&LA of Kewanee  Kewanee  1/1/1882 
First National Bank Arenzville  Arenzville  2/1/1882 
Security SB  Monmouth   5/23/1882 
Stillman BancCorp N.A.  Stillman Valley   6/9/1882 
First Robinson SB NA  Robinson   1/1/1883 
Flora Savings Bank  Flora  1/1/1883 
Iroquois FS&LA  Watseka  5/3/1883 
Milford Building & Ln Assn SB  Milford   1/1/1883 
Philo Exchange Bank  Philo  12/25/1883 
UNION SB  Freeport  1/1/1883 
Washington SB  Effingham   9/4/1883 
Tompkins State Bank  Avon   1/1/1884 
Collinsville Building Ln Assn  Collinsville   1/1/1885 
Eureka Savings Bank  La Salle  1/1/1885 
First National Bank of Sparta  Sparta   10/2/1885 
Gifford State Bank  Gifford   1/1/1885 
Hardware State Bank  Lovington   11/1/1885 
Sterling Federal Bank F.S.B.  Sterling   1/1/1885 
First Savanna Savings Bank  Savanna   1/1/1886 
Illinois National Bank  Springfield   8/16/1886 
Atlanta National Bank  Atlanta   8/2/1887 
DeWitt SB  Clinton   1/1/1887 
First Bank & Trust IL  Paris   1/1/1887 
First Natl Bk of Beardstown  Beardstown   2/24/1887 
Forreston State Bank  Forreston  12/25/1887  
Gerber State Bank  Argenta   10/1/1887 
Home FS&LA  Collinsville   1/1/1887 
Hoyne Savings Bank  Chicago   1/1/1887 
North County SB  Red Bud   1/1/1887 
Peru FSB  Peru   1/1/1887 
Royal SB  Chicago   1/1/1887 
Scott State Bank  Bethany   1/1/1887 
CNB Bank & Trust N.A.  Carlinville  1/1/1888  
Reynolds State Bank  Reynolds  12/25/1888 
Farmers State Bank  Pittsfield   1/26/1889 
First B&TC of Murphysboro  Murphysboro   5/13/1889 
First FS&LA of Mattoon  Mattoon   1/1/1889 
First FSB  Ottawa   1/1/1889 
Northern Trust Co.  Chicago   10/12/1889 
State Bank of Geneva  Geneva   1/1/1889 
Tempo Bank  Trenton  1/1/1889  
BankORION  Orion   5/21/1890 
First Neighbor Bank NA  Toledo   1/1/1890 
Pulaski SB  Chicago   1/1/1890 
Rushville State Bank  Rushville   1/4/1890 
State Street B&TC  Quincy   1/1/1890 
Tuscola National Bank  Tuscola   12/25/1890 
Union FS&LA  Kewanee   1/1/1890 
Wabash SB  Mount Carmel   1/1/1890 
Williamsville State Bank & Tr  Williamsville   12/25/1890 
ABC Bank  Chicago   6/10/1891 
Bank of Modesto  Modesto   9/14/1891 
Farmers State Bank of Emden  Emden   5/25/1891 
First Natl Bk in Georgetown  Georgetown   2/2/1891 
PNA Bank  Chicago   1/1/1891 
State Bank of Chrisman  Chrisman   8/11/1891 
Waterman State Bank  Waterman   1/1/1891