Illinois Bankers Association

IBA Regulatory University Premium Package

Upgrade to the Premium Package and receive a 25% discount from FIS available exclusively to IBA Members! 

Premium Package includes these additional benefits.

  • 260+ Additional Interactive Online Courses
    Access an ever-growing list of new courses on emerging issues and take advantage of the extensive library of courses that go beyond basic and intermediate levels.
  • Customizable Wizard
    Access an easy-to-use Wizard that allows you to customize existing courses by incorporating your institution’s own policies & procedures into them, or create a new course from scratch!
  • Enhanced Curriculum Management
    Directly enroll your employees in courses based on regions, branches, groups and job functions. Follow a unique “Curriculum Assignment Best Practices Guide” to efficiently and effectively meet the regulators’ expectations. Implement a blended training approach using the patent-pending “Easel” for assigning instructor-led sessions and “Classroom Manager” for tracking attendance at live seminars.
  • Ask An Expert
    Stumped? Compliance Solutions' in-house team of attorneys, CRCMs and former regulators are ready to provide you with timely responses to your pressing compliance questions.
  • Survey Wizard
    Save time and money by easily building and distributing custom surveys on any topic you choose, including items not related to compliance. Results are automatically tabulated using a robust reporting system. 

For more information, connect with the IBA at 217-789-9340 or FIS at 866-355-5150.