Boards & Committees

Executive Committee & Board of Directors

The role of the Association's Executive Committee & Board of Directors is to govern the affairs and establish the policies and objectives of the Association. The Board of Directors shall have no less than twenty-four and no more than twenty-eight Directors.

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Association Boards & Committees

IBA's seventeen dedicated boards and committees create, develop, and discuss the direction of the Illinois financial services industry. These governing bodies help shape policies, develop educational programming, and nurture a network of resources for years to come.

* Associate Members are eligible to serve on these committees and boards. View descriptions below.

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Your skills and knowledge developed throughout your career are a welcome asset on any of our boards and committees. Volunteering is simple and easy! We rely on your personal and professional help to provide volunteer leadership and support for our many programs, events, products, and services.

About IBA Boards & Committees 

Agricultural Committee (Advisory)Keeps agricultural bankers informed of major agricultural-related issues, while recommending timely education programs, advising the IBA Board of Directors of recommended policy positions on agricultural issues, and interacting with other agricultural-related groups on key issues. Minimum term of two years.
Annual Conference Committee*Assists the IBA in the organization and planning of the Association’s Annual Conference & Trade Show. Minimum term of one year.
Associate Membership Committee*Provides input and feedback on various IBA events, while providing fresh ideas to ensure that our bank members as well as our Associate Members mutually benefit from their IBA memberships.
Communications and Marketing Committee*Reviews IBA communication vehicles, such as the Illinois Banker magazine, e-newsletters and the website, and makes recommendations for enhancements and improvements, while providing feedback on IBA communications and marketing programs. The Committee also reviews the IBA’s public relations efforts and suggests ways for the IBA to better serve as a resource to its members. Minimum term of two years.
Compliance Division Committee (Advisory)Assists the IBA in developing and maintaining programs for providing information, guidance and networking opportunities to bank compliance and risk management officers on a statewide basis, while serving in an advisory role to the IBA to help identify the industry’s needs on a wide range of education and training matters. Minimum term of one year.
Audit and Finance Committee (Advisory)Responsible for oversight of the financial reporting process, selection of an independent auditor, and receipt of both internal and external audit results. Reviews the Association’s financial policies and statements, oversees the performance of its investment program, recommends strategies to help improve earnings, and provides guidance to the Board of Directors and the Association’s senior management. Minimum term of one year.
FinTech Committee*Researches, identifies and maintains a strategic direction to encourage and support responsible innovation in member banks. Makes recommendations to the Illinois Bankers Business Services Board. Identifies opportunities and explores partnerships with innovative fintech companies. Minimum term of two years.
Future Leaders Alliance BoardProvides a foundation to help develop promising leaders in the banking industry. Reviews the program and determines the curriculum. Develops and plans yearly alumni event. Minimum term of two years.
Government Relations Committee (Advisory)Formulates the Association’s state and federal legislative and regulatory policy initiatives for the IBA Board of Directors, and reviews and advises the IBA on banking-related proposals initiated by other organizations. Minimum term of two years.
Human Resource Committee*Assists the IBA in developing the human resources track at the The ONE Conference and on an array of educational programs such as the Human Resources Forum. Minimum term of one year.
Illinois Bankers Business Services BoardGoverns the business of Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc. Responsible for overseeing the Corporation’s financial performance and for identifying and developing needed products and services for the financial services industry, while assessing the quality and costs associated with their delivery. Also charged with promoting the products and services offered by the Corporation, while providing insights on potential business opportunities or partnerships. Two year term and eligible for reappointment.
Illinois Bankers Education Services BoardSupports the mission to maintain a quality and profitable education model, by providing strategic direction on the unmet and future needs of the financial services industry. Responsible for the oversight of IBES’s strategic plan objectives and metrics to measure the plan’s financial performance and its overall effectiveness. One year team and are eligible for reappointment.
Illinois Bankers PAC BoardGoverns the Association’s non-partisan Political Action
Committee, organized by IBA members, to enhance the value of Association membership by providing financial support to local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates whose views and positions on banking issues are compatible with the interests of the banking industry. Minimum term of two years.
Illinois Bankers Scholarship Committee*This committee will be charged with designing the framework for the Scholarship Program, including a timeline, eligibility requirements, selection criteria, distribution plan, and fundraising plan, among other details. The Program will help to promote excellence in the field of banking, while developing and maintaining a vibrant talent pool of future banking leaders.
Membership CommitteeAssists the IBA in establishing appropriate strategies for the recruitment and retention of member banks. Minimum term of one year.
Technology & Operations Committee*Stays current on the latest strategies and emerging issues regarding information technology and operations; assists with increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding of operational and risk management challenges; existing and future technology needs in the banking industry; advises and helps formulate the technology and operations track at The ONE Conference, online and classroom-based educational programs. Minimum term one year.
Women in Banking Committee*Assists the IBA in developing the annual Women in Banking Conference and other networking and educational opportunities for female bankers in all areas of the bank. Minimum term of two years.

Past Chairs

YearName City 
2021 Michelle Gross Bement
2020 C. Brant AhrensChicago
2019Kevin Olson Grundy 
2018Dan Daly   Moline 
2017 Dan Watts    Forest Park 
2016 Micah R. Bartlett   Springfield 
2015 Darrell B. Jackson   Naperville 
2014 Kevin J. Rogers  Philo 
2013 Charie A. Zanck   Woodstock 
2012 Marty Davis  Pinckneyville 
2011 James Roolf   Joliet 
2010 R. Kent Redfern   Litchfield 
2009 Thomas W. Hough  Carrollton 
2008 Michael Steelman   Bushnell 
2007 P. David Kuhl   Champaign 
2006 Quentin Johnson  Chicago 
2005 Bruce W. Taylor  Rosemont 
2004 Hunt Bonan   McLeansboro 
2003 Thomas Bugielski  Worth 
2002 Gary Hemmer  Waterloo 
2001 Jack Hutchinson   Watseka 
2000 Mark Hoppe  Chicago 
1999 Finis Schultz   Jerseyville 
1998 Susan Dubs  Richmond 
1997 John Timmer  Chicago 
1996 Arthur Wilkinson  Bement 
1995 Robert Stevenson, Jr.  Peoria 
1994 Robert Wallace  Champaign 
1993 William Badgley  Belleville 
1992 R. Scott Grigsby  Streator 
1991 Joseph D'Agostino  Glen Ellyn 
1990 Wilbur Meadows  Canton 
1989 Richard Ostrom  Chicago 
1988 David Webber   Roselle 
1987 Jack Emmons  Mt. Carmel  
1986 Charles Waterman   South Holland 
1985 G. Thomas Andes   Belleville 
1984 James Forster  DeKalb 
1983 Charles Wilson  Rock Island 
1982 Donald Lovett   Dixon 
1981 James Fitch  Chicago 
1980 Jack Lemmerman  Monmouth 
1979 Gavin Weir   Chicago 
1978 B. F. Backlund   Peoria 
1977 John R. Montgomery III   Chicago 
1976 Ray Livasy   Decatur 
1975 Arthur Busboom   Rantoul 
1974 William Kurtz   Chicago 
1973 James Ghiglieri  Toluca 
1972 John McKnight  Oak Park 
1971 Lewis Clausen  Champaign 
1970 Fred Heitmann, Jr.  Chicago 
1969 Myron Heins  Pontiac 
1968 Allen Stults   Chicago 
1967 Harold Bacon   Crystal Lake 
1966 Dirk Groen   Pekin 
1965 J. Marvin Powers  Mt. Vernon 
1964 John McCarthy  Chicago 
1963 Harold Fischer  Granite City  
1962 J. Ross Humphreys  Chicago 
1961 Jacob Myers  Bloomington 
1960 Donald Carlson  Elmhurst 
1959 Kenneth Cook   DuQuoin 
1958 Howard Sammon  Forest Park 
1957 Wilfred Heitmann   Chicago 
1956 T. Earl McNamara   Streator 
1955 L. Ralph Stevens   Canton 
1954 Henry Karandjeff  Granite City 
1953 Horace French  Chicago 
1952 Melvin Lockard   Cobden 
1951 Ben Ryan  East Moline 
1950 Joseph Frey  Chicago 
1949 Philip Speidel   Lake Forest 
1948 Harry Emerson  Cairo 
1947 George Williams   Evanston 
1946 Barney Ghiglieri  Toluca 
1945 Floyd Condit  Beardstown 
1944 Floyd Condit  Beardstown 
1943 George Boyles  Chicago 
1942 Henry Bengel Springfield 
1941 Earl Adams  Jerseyville 
1940 Charles Reardon  Joliet  
1939 John Anton  Chicago 
1938 F. A. Gerding   Ottawa 
1937 J. F. Schmidt  Waterloo 
1936 Frank Rathje  Chicago 
1935 S. Nirdlinger   Galesburg 
1934 H. A. Brinkman  Chicago 
1933 J. E. Mitchell  Carbondale 
1932 Paul Zimmerman   Oak Park 
1931 Paul Abt East  St. Louis 
1930 W. R. McGaughey   Decatur 
1929 Lyon Karr  Wenona 
1928 Omar Wright   Belvidere 
1927 J. M. Appel  Highland Park 
1926 W. B. Crawford  West Frankfort 
1925 C. W. Boyden  Sheffield 
1924 Wayne Hummer   LaSalle 
1923 M.A. Traylor  Chicago 
1922 Wirt Wright  National City 
1921 John Cathcart  Sidell  
1920 William White   Peoria 
1919 Leroy GoddardChicago 
1918 Charles Ireland   Washburn 
1917 Robert Ward  Benton 
1916 Walter Rearick  Ashland 
1915 George Woodruff   Joliet 
1914 J. S. Aisthorpe  Cairo 
1913 S. B. Montgomery  Quincy 
1912 J.D. PhillipsGreen Valley 
1911 B.F. Harris  Champaign 
1910 E. E. Crabtree   Jacksonville 
1909 Oscar Foreman  Chicago 
1908 James McKinney  Oquawka 
1907 August Blum  Chicago 
1906 Nelson Green  Tallula 
1905 Thomas Catlin  Ottawa 
1904 E. D. Durham  Onarga 
1903 William George   Aurora 
1902 Andrew Russell   Jacksonville 
1901 Homer McCoy  Peoria 
1900 Phil Mitchell   Rock Island 
1899 H. H. Harris  Champaign 
1898 John Hamilton   Hoopeston 
1897 W. T. Fenton  Chicago 
1896 Frank Elliott  Jacksonville 
1895 W. P. Halliday  Cairo 
1894 E. S. Dreyer  Chicago 
1893 Frank Tracy  Springfield 
1892 John Odell Chicago  
1891 Thomas Ridgway  Shawneetown