HR Peer Group

The IBA HR Peer Group is exclusively for Human Resources professionals and anyone who wears the HR hat of an IBA member bank. Participants share questions, challenges, answers, and feedback via a listserve. Also, HR Forums are held throughout the year to learn the latest updates and hear from HR experts.

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Bank Compensation & Benefits Survey

The survey is an instrumental resource delivering advantageous insights to banking executives. It empowers financial institutions with a benchmarking tool, allowing them to measure their total remuneration and benefits programs against those of other institutions. Consequently, it aids in cultivating strategic initiatives about payroll management and the recruitment and retention of personnel.

Sourcing from select states including Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio—the invaluable tool collates data from these financial institutions.

The comprehensive nature of this survey encompasses data compilation across 100 distinct job positions along with health-related benefits, workforce benefits, and more.

2024 Survey Closed-Results available in June/July.

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A talent management website dedicated to attracting candidates to the banking industry and helping banks find and retain quality employees. The pool of available candidates for bank positions has shrunk exponentially over the last decade due to a number of factors, including changing demographics, negative industry press and increasing regulations, and it is difficult for banks to attract and retain quality employees.

BankTalentHQ, a full-scope talent management resource for the financial industry, helps connect qualified candidates with financial institutions.

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