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The IBA is a trusted resource for bankers seeking information to share with their customers, media, policymakers, and community leaders. Our banker toolkits empower our members to navigate the rapidly changing banking landscape. Here you will find talking points, sample media statements and editorials, and other updated resources to help your bank effectively communicate with the communities you serve.

Check Fraud

Given the increasing instances of check fraud cases across the state, the Illinois Bankers Association has crafted a Check Fraud Task Force toolkit to better inform member banks on the issue and to serve as a resource to Illinois bankers.

Press Release Template

This check fraud press release template is a useful tool for member banks to engage with their local media and raise awareness about the risks of check fraud, while also promoting their own fraud prevention measures and customer protection policies. 

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Talking Points

These talking points are designed to help member banks communicate with their local media and other stakeholders about the risks and consequences of check fraud, as well as tips to help safeguard against crime. By using these talking points, member banks can demonstrate their commitment to customer protection, speak effectively to the issue, and be proactive in messaging.  

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This infographic is a powerful visual to help raise awareness about check fraud and how costumers can protect themselves from it. 

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Informative Article 

This web article highlights the creation of the IBA's Fraud Task Force, a working group created to combat the growing threat of check fraud and help Illinois bankers and consumers better protect themselves. This is an informative resource to share what the IBA and our members are doing to address the increasing concern of fraudulent activities. 

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Social Media Templates

The social media content and graphics found below can be utilized by member banks to spread awareness about the growing issue of check fraud and the creation of the IBA's Fraud Task Force.

Post 1 Content  |   Post 1 Graphic

Post 2 Content  |  Post 2 Graphic

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