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Illinois Bankers Association

Bank Compensation & Benefits Survey Results are Ready

Creating a compensation program can be challenging in today's environment. You have either scrapped what you had in place or are about to embark on creative ways to stay competitive in attracting and retaining talented and skilled employees. 


The IBA's Bank Compensation & Benefits Survey results is your tool to shape your organization's compensation and benefit standards well into the future. 


What's New in 2022

  1. Downloadable compensation tables - easily import into your bank's compensation management systems.
  2. Expanded online search utilities - in addition to compensation data, benefits information is now searchable in the online portal.
  3. Pandemic Insights - reveals how banks continue to modify practices in response to the ongoing pandemic.
  4. Recruiting & Retention Section - expanded metrics include even more lines of business.
  5. New Positions - including ITM/Virtual Teller, Regional Branch Manager, and more. 

Order the results here 
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