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Illinois Bankers Association

Federal Action Alert on Credit Union Expansion

Federal Action Alert on Credit Union Expansion


Ask Your Member of Congress to “REMOVE” all elements of the credit union charter enhancement bill (H.R. 7003) from a pending legislative package!


Take Action Today!


Next week, the U.S. House plans to vote on an IBA-opposed credit union charter enhancement bill, H.R. 7003, as part of a larger legislative package, H.R. 2543 - Financial Services Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Economic Justice Act.


H.R. 7003, if included in the larger bill, creates a new loophole for tax-exempt credit unions and expands their field of membership and business lending capacities. Credit unions are engaged in a grassroots campaign on this bill – we need bankers to match their efforts if we hope to stop the bill.


Please contact your U.S. House member today HERE! Also please consider sharing this request with your colleagues, so that we can speak up in significant numbers against the bill.

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