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Illinois Bankers Association

IBA Moves to .BANK and We Think You Should, Too!

As of September 1st, we have updated our domain from to When you visit or email us at, you will be redirected to (take a moment at your convenience to update your bookmark and address book).



Why the move to .BANK?
Today, most of our customers find themselves banking and communicating with us online. In fact, more than a quarter of surveyed customers indicated they’ll continue to bank online even once it’s safe to return to branches. Further, many customers find themselves more acutely concerned with their personal and/or business finances as the COVID pandemic continues. This move to online banking and communications has caused a dramatic increase in phishing attacks in the financial sector (400%-600% according to the FBI). The concern around personal/business finances has made customers far more likely to engage with phishing emails, leading to identity theft and financial fraud. The rise of phishing and BEC-style attacks on banks increases the probability of breaches and ransomware attacks. There simply has never been a better time to enhance cybersecurity for your bank, online banking, and email communications by moving to the verifiable, gated and more secure .BANK domain.

Join the Movement and Receive a 20% Discount on .BANK
An Exclusive IBA Member Offer
We believe ‘The bank of the future’ is in .BANK, so to further encourage you to enhance your cybersecurity along with us, we want to announce a new member benefit, a 20% discount on new 1-year registrations of .BANK domains for all members of the Illinois Bankers Association.

To get started, connect with IBA's Sarah Cowan to receive the discount code.

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