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Credit Officers and Commercial Training Managers — Here’s How to Build Skillful and Productive Commercial Bankers from Day 1… GUARANTEED. Focusing on the reality of the banking world over textbook portrayals of the business, these courses will equip you with key concepts and banking terminology and will show you how it all fits together.

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Breaking Into Banking 101: Fundamentals of Commercial Banking

This 10-module online course is broken into easy-to-digest lessons covering everything you need to know to get hired, start quickly, and advance in your new career.  Andy gives you the inside scoop on what banks really want from you and how you can immediately differentiate yourself from others new to the industry. 

Breaking Into Banking 201: Analyzing Repayment Sources

This 9-module online course is a “sequel” to the 101 course and is best taken after completion of that course, though it is not a prerequisite.  The 201 course dives deeper into topics covered in modules 4, 6, and 8 of the 101 course: analyzing a borrower’s balance sheet, income statement, collateral, and risk ratings. 

Breaking Into Banking for Interns

Unlike our other courses that are appropriate for various different audiences of learners, this course was created specifically for college students hired by banks for internships. It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject matter. This course was created specifically to meet that need, and includes a brief overview of retail banking, with a focus on commercial credit and lending. It is an ideal primer for those considering banking as a career. 

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