The ONE Conference (Opportunity. Networking. Education.) is your ONE-stop shop for developing professional skills for your team's key bank functions. Each attendee creates their own custom learning experience with session choices unique to their role: Marketing, Financial Management, HR, Leadership, Lending, Retail, and Tech & Ops.

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Keynote Speakers

Gian Paul Gonzalez - Thursday, March 2

Session: Going ALL IN


Professional coaches draw up game plans, marketing teams unveil new sales strategies, however no matter how revolutionary or fool proof the plans the key for successful implementation is in the commitment of the listeners to carry out what they've heard and not just agree but go ALL IN. In this program Gian Paul discusses the keys to helping empower you and your organization to truly commit to your goals despite the obstacles which will try to hinder the type of ALL IN commitment you will need for success. Gian Paul's story telling passionately describes the origination of a phrase birthed in a New York Giants locker room, to becoming a yearly motto for many of the top corporations around the world. Gian Paul implores his listeners to let ALL IN be more than just a slogan, but become a lifestyle that will impact all parts of their existence. As a reminder for their commitment each member receives a physical memento to help remind them to stay ALL IN.

Kat Perkins -  Friday, March 3

Session: Fearless Success

Kat Perkins is a nationally recognized motivational speaker who uplifts audiences across the country. Kat was a finalist on NBC’s The Voice and in 2022 was on tour with Kid Rock. During her speaking program, Kat discusses the importance of finding your passion, taking leadership roles, working with others, developing a positive attitude, and working towards your dreams. Get ready to experience laughter, a sense of confidence, and a full heart!


Professional Tracks

Professional Tracks

  • Bank Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership Development
  • Lending
  • Retail Banking
  • Risk / Financial Management
  • Technology and Operations

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