The Stock Market Game (SMG) introduces young people to saving and investing through a simulation of the stock and bond markets. Students have the opportunity to trade and manage their own virtual $100,000 investment portfolio.

The SMG equips students with valuable academic and life skills such as improved math, economics, and personal finance and provides greater awareness of current events and global news.

About the SMG Program

The SMG program is run by the SIFMA Foundation. On an annual basis, SIFMA’s SMG reaches around 600,000 students, 15,000 teachers and 12,000 schools across all 50 states.

  • Six Session Options: yearlong session, summer session, two fall and two spring sessions.
  • Medals and Certificates: Top teams in the competitive sessions are recognized for their accomplishments.
  • Mentors, Instructors, Volunteers or Judges: Opportunities to become a mentor, instructor, or volunteer, or a judge for the InvestWrite program by signing up through Invest It Forward. 

Become a Volunteer: Join the more than 550 Illinois bankers here.

About the Partnership

The Illinois Bankers Association is the official licensee and administrator of the SMG in the state of Illinois. Last school year in our state, more than 27,000 students and 10,500 student teams participated from more than 440 schools. Here are a few program highlights.

  • Become a sponsor for a nominal fee (typically just $500 per school).
  • Choose to sponsor one or more schools in your area, county or region.
  • A sponsor can be as involved in the program as they wish - in-person classroom instruction or Zoom - to teach lesson(s) or provide real-world scenarios. Lesson plans and tutorials are provided within the SMG program.

Yes, I'm interested in the SMG Program.

Yes, our bank is interested in participating in The Stock Market Game! Upon submission, an IBA representative will contact you.